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Holistic Health + Motherhood

About Chels Dinner


Welcome Mama! Chels is a mama of 3 adorable boys! She specializes in working with stressed out and overwhelmed moms to find their calm. Motherhood becomes more joyful and fun. Her mission is to guide & inspire mothers worldwide to improve their mindset so they can teach the next generation about the power of our thoughts!

My Story:

Chels was previously a Welder, but knew it wasn't sustainable for her long term health and having a family. The environment was affecting every part of her life, physically and mentally. When Chels became a mom for the first time, motherhood completely blindsided her, she was prepared but didn't expect the trauma that came with her birth. The postpartum depression set in and it was affecting every area of her life. With a failing marriage on the line she knew she had to do something to help herself with the empty feelings she felt.

When Chels was introduced to this work by Delynn, she started to think differently and all areas of her life started to change and get better. She started to set goals for herself, her family and goals in her business so she didn't have to return to her welding job after maternity leave. After 12 years of welding she chose to hang up her coveralls and pursue a completely different career. Chels had such a transformative shift in her mindset, marriage and journey as a mother.In this short time of growing her awareness and studying everyday, she found her purpose and this business started to expand beyond what she originally thought. She found her passion for working with moms in all stages of motherhood. She became a Certified Doula to be able to help birthing & postpartum mothers. She also has a passion for teaching Pre + Postnatal Yoga.

She has now created her own Health + Mindset Programs for future, pregnant, postpartum and beyond stages of motherhood.After coaching with Delynn since 2020 she knew becoming a Coach herself was the right choice. The growth she has experienced already is unbelievable, and she has just scratched the surface. She has a knowing that more mamas need this too. This work has expanded far beyond just building a business to stay home with her growing family, she now understands the impact that she is having on the world and the future generations to come.

My Approach:

Chels has a very holistic approach to all areas of her life & working with clients. She makes it very simple to understand! She understands that motherhood has many challenges so it’s all about how you overcome them that will teach you and your children how to respond instead of react to all situations.

Qualifications and Experience:

With her years of experience coaching woman & a mama herself, Chels has a wealth of resources when it comes to all things around motherhood. With her guidance & support you get to become the mama you always wanted to be or striving to be, which dictates how you parent your children! Chels has unique coaching techniques which comes from the multi faceted training over the years she has done. With a strong desire to help more woman live very healthy lives, mindset is a massive part of living a very healthy lifestyle!

Coaching Philosophy:

Every mama has the opportunity to change the way she believes something to be. With my guidance she gets to rewrite her story and work through the challenges as they arise. 

Personal Message:

When motherhood feels stressful and overwhelming, know that you are not alone. This work has to be done by yourself but you never have to be alone when you're aligned with this incredible community of like minded woman and mother. You have so many inspiring people to learn from and support you along the way in a completely judgment free zone!

Connect with me:

Chels is here to help when it comes to all things motherhood and healing in a completely holistic way! She would absolutely love to chat more with you!


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