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Empowerment Mindset

About Cheryl Greenfield


Welcome to a journey of transformation and empowerment. Cheryl Greenfield an Empowerment

Mindset Coach specializing in trauma recovery and healing. My mission is to inspire, nurture, and heal

the broken human spirit, piecing it back together - one person, one trauma, one thought at a time.

My Story:

Cheryl’s path to becoming a coach has been deeply personal and shaped by her experiences. As a child,

she faced trauma that remained unspoken for 45 years. Traditional therapy didn't offer the results she

needed, and when her story finally came to light, She realized she had to find her own path to processing

her experiences and reclaiming her happiness. This journey led her to Delynn Miller, whose coaching

opened her eyes to the power of reshaping Cheryl’s mindset, one thought at a time.

My Approach:

As a coach, Cheryl combines her personal insights with a deep understanding of the complexities of

trauma. She believes in a holistic approach to healing, recognizing that the journey is as unique as the

individual. Cheryl’s methods are not one-size-fits-all; they are tailored to the needs, strengths, and

aspirations of each person she works with.

Qualifications and Experience:

Extensive Nursing Background: With 40 years of experience as a nurse, I bring a wealth of knowledge in healthcare and a profound understanding of the human experience in times of vulnerability.

Certified Yoga Teacher: As a 500-hour trained yoga teacher, I integrate the principles of mindfulness and body awareness into my coaching, offering a balanced approach to mental and physical well-being.

Reiki Master: My expertise in Reiki allows me to incorporate energy healing into my practice, facilitating a deeper level of emotional and spiritual healing.

Coaching Philosophy:

Cheryl believes in the power of changing your narrative, one thought at a time. Her coaching is centered

on empowering individuals to rewrite their stories, transforming trauma into a source of strength. Cheryl

guides her clients towards self-discovery, helping them to unlock their inner resilience and build a life of

fulfillment and peace.

Personal Message:

If you feel weighed down by the shadows of your past, know that there is a path forward. Together with

Cheryl, you can embark on a journey to rediscover your strength, reshape your thoughts, and rebuild a

life filled with joy and purpose. You can heal and grow, one step at a time.

Connect with Me:

For more information or to begin your journey of empowerment and healing, please contact Cheryl:

Freebies that I have:

7 Day Empowerment Journal

Empowerment Activities and Mindset Shifts


I am profoundly grateful for the guidance and support Cheryl has provided me in processing my trauma from war. Her coaching has been instrumental in helping me overcome the nightmares that have haunted me for so long. Cheryl's expertise in mindset change has not only been enlightening but also transformative, allowing me to attract and manifest the things I truly desire in life. Her approach is deeply empathetic and personalized, ensuring that the program is tailored to my unique learning needs. Her assistance has been a pivotal factor in my journey towards healing and personal growth.

Mark Durham

U.S. Retired Marine

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