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Design Identity Transformation and Restoration

About Billy Templeton


I am billyt. Billyt is a personal development coach specializing in Identity Transformation and Restoration. His philosophy is that we are the masters of our reality and destiny. Living Life by Design is all about choices. Those choices unfold and yield the results we have in our life. If you want different results, you have to look deeply into the habits you have chosen.


billyt was a chef for 34 years. Constant demands, never-ending deadlines, never really having control of his life, billyt found himself constantly asking “Is this all there is?” Burned out, beat up and bitter, he finally reached a breaking point. He participated In an online Tony Robbins event which led him to enroll in the Unleash the Power Within event. That decision changed the entire direction of his life. He realized so much benefit from that one event, he knew that he wanted a personal coach to help him navigate through the minefield of past decisions en route to creating a life he loves, and especially sharing the lessons he has learned with the world.


People everywhere are searching. They are stressed about finances. They are stressed about schedules. They are stressed about life. The world, if you do not have a sense of belonging and direction, can be a crazy place. But, those things do not have to control you!! You are meant to control you, and your life. Living Life by Design looks at every element of our lives, with the intention of opening up a world of absolute possibility—and the only things holding us back are the stories we have in our minds that somehow we don’t deserve it, or are not good enough to have it.

Skills and practices

billyt is a certified Reiki Master. In working with his clients, billyt uses Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Tone Therapy. His favorite form of relaxation guidance comes in the form of guided meditations. “I like to take people back to a safe and secure time where we are protected and nurtured. We go underwater to experience weightlessness...what our lives feel like when we remove the outside stressors, and noise. When we emerge back into the warm sunlight, they are refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed.”


A sexual trauma survivor, billyt understands the questions, the fears, the roadblocks, the devastation. But, he also understands healing from those burdens. He shares that understanding through compassion and empathy. Handed what appeared to be a death sentence in 1989 when he was diagnosed as HIV-positive, billyt lived in a world of fear, dread and resignation. He acknowledges he gave up 5 years of his life waiting to die. When he realized that wasn’t the case, he began to search for what living would look like again. It wasn’t until he began doing mindset work and began picking those stories and memories apart, he began discovering his real self-worth. “Now, my mission—my passion is for ​

every person on this planet to understand you are not alone, you are loved, and your life can be more than you ever dreamed really is One Thought Away. I just want you to know you can Live Your Life by Design....YOUR DESIGN!!

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