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Empowerment Mindset

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  • About Cheryl Kustra

    I was miserable, on the other side of a divorce which claimed my home, my career, my future and I was feeling completely & utterly lost. I found myself starting over at ground zero working a mediocre 9-5 position, spending all my spare time looking for something would give me some joy. In November of 2021 I joined a NM online business and in December of 2021 I met Delynn during the first team meeting with my online business team. I knew within 30 minutes I would be hiring her as my coach.

    I began studying the Proctor Gallagher materials in January of 2023 and have never looked back. There is no enabling in this coaching partnership and I appreciated hearing the hard things because I was also given the tools to change what I needed to change to be who I wanted to be. When I met Delynn I was in chaos with no clear direction on where I was going. I considered myself a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”.

    I had previously felt that I could do anything I put my mind to, but found myself often changing my mind. The one area that I have stayed true to in all my years of education and work has been the area of positive mindset. I spent 13 years working with counsellors, staff and students in the secondary school system where I spent years of study in areas of solution focused counselling, breakthrough counselling, successful thought patterns and I realized when I began studying myself in the Proctor Gallagher materials that all the concepts returned to one main subject; MINDSET.

    Through this work I was able to release anger, blame and resentment from the past and focus on creating a future that I was excited to live. This work has opened doors for me that I had held closed and has allowed me to be in charge of my life and my decisions. I realized by doing the hard work on myself that I truly had all the answers within.

    This started a fire within me driving the desire to share what I have learnt with others. I decided to become a COACH after being with The Pursuit Institute for 2 years because I see the profound changes that have happened in my life and continue to happen everyday. I want to help others find their purpose and experience the growth in creating your own reality. I continue to learn and grow everyday in this lifelong transition and want others to experience this positive transformation in their lives.

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