Cultivate leadership skills, hone your identities, grow more compassionate and adapt the beauty of giving and receiving feedback in order for you to take a more holistic approach to your development.

With our exceptional coaches teaching an array of our programs, you will not only enable yourself to raise your confidence and problem-solving abilities but also expand your network and open up doors to new opportunities.

Whether it is an honest self-appraisal, valuable guidance or personal and professional growth, our coaches are here to help you advance your career and growth, exceptionally!

Delynn Miller

Health and Mindset Coach

Delynn Miller, a trained Health and Mindset Coach, has nearly a decade’s worth of experience in direct coaching and healing.

Dave Miller

Development and Strategist Coach

Delynn Miller, a trained Health and Mindset Coach, has nearly a decade’s worth of experience in direct coaching and healing.


Chels Dinner

Certified Doula

Chels was previously a welder but knew it wasn’t sustainable for her long-term health and having a family. The environment was affecting every part of her life, physically and mentally.


Jacinthe Monast

Holistic and Mindset Coach

She began studying Environmental Science and then ended up working in the Nursing Field and currently has her own business in educating about natural tools, holistic lifestyle, and mindset coaching. She has worked with people just like you seeking change in their life.

Coreen Duquette

Health and Mindset Coach

Coming from a 9-5 in insurance and getting a taste of working from home the last 2.5 years, it really solidified how much Coreen wanted to start her own business and work from home for good.


Denise Gibbs

mindset and wellness coach

Denise Gibbs is a mindset and wellness coach with Pursuit Institute and Consulting. She has a very uplifting, motivating personality and will always offer positive support. Her passion is to help empower women to feel confident and create a life on their terms through mindset work.


Janice Carter

Mindset Coach

When Janice began studying the Proctor Gallagher materials, she was going through a divorce and feeling very stuck. She recalls asking these questions: How on earth can I be the primary breadwinner and a single mother? How can I rebuild a life when my heart is still broken?


Melanie Layman

Mindset & Wellness Coach

She has been an elementary school teacher for over 10 years and she is focusing on welcoming and guiding the integration of refugees in her school. Her focus is to ensure their overall well-being in their new environment as well as guide their learning.

Michelle Louise

Michelle Louise

Intuitive Mindset Coach

She used to be someone who worked in a job that didn’t align with her heart and stayed in toxic relationships far too long…mostly because she was afraid to step out on her own and because she thought she was being loyal and because I didn’t value her own worth.

Cheryl Greenfield

Spirit and Healing Coach

I had come to a place where I was living a life as two different people. Acting happy on the outside but on the inside was stuck within my sexual trauma living with a constant critic telling me I would never be good enough or amount to anything.

Malika Kelly

Holistic Mindset and Trauma Coach

Malika Kelly is a holistic coach who brings a unique perspective to her coaching practice, drawing from her diverse experiences in life. As a mother of three, Malika has gained a wealth of knowledge in how to balance family life and career aspirations.

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Dave is a previous Proctor Gallagher Consultant and mastered the art of selling while with his organization. Within one year of being a consultant with Bob I was invited to join his Sales and Coaching Team. Today, Dave coaches thousands of clients through his company, Conway Consulting, helping them level up their mindset, their business and their results. He teaches masterful sales skills linked directly to taking action and helping his clients grow their organizations with ease.
Stefan Pietrobono is a motivator, expert in Social Media, and Founder & CEO of Millennial Marketing Agency – a digital agency specializing in personal brands, and coaches to find their voice online to inspire and impact their communities. Millennial Marketing Agency helps to implement effective digital strategies, creative content campaigns, and brand-building tactics online to grow your business. Working with over 250 clients around the world, MMA works with a range of businesses and individuals – however, one thing that we share with our clients is a passion for improving the world and those around us.
Patricia has been a Virtual Business Companion since 2017. Her experience as a language teacher and translator led her to become an entrepreneur and offer virtual assistance services to busy business owners. She's built a small team of highly dedicated virtual assistants who constantly strive to offer the best quality services. They specialize in working with coaching & education, beauty, fitness, health & wellness, and food-coffee industries. Her Virtual Business Companion services will help you add more hours to your day and more days to your week.

dave conway

sales coach

Stefan Pietrobono

Marketing Coach

Patricia Grm

Administrative Head


We all have tens of thousands of thoughts every single day and inside some of those are pure gold. Most people never take action on them. Why? Indecision, fear, their self-image, or confidence that they can do it. One Thought Away teaches you how to turn your thoughts into a reality by creating the self-image of someone who thrives. Our beautifully crafted 12 lessons have been designed to deliver sustainable results over and over again. Because remember…You are ever only One Thought Away!

Pursuit Mastermind is an elite program for those who like to take inspired action with the mastermind support of a community. Great things happen when we combine our experiences, our minds and we share our insights. Pursuit Mastermind causes you to go deeper on your thoughts and learn what really drives action that leads to life changing results. Your confidence will grow, you will break negative thought patterns and you will develop unstoppable momentum in your life that will impact all areas of your health, your wealth and your relationships.


Did you know that 98% of people do not truly pursue their passions, dreams or goals? This means that only 2% of society actually make the leap and do what is required to acquire anything that they desire in life. If you desire this to be you, join our community that will provide you with the opportunity to study and surround yourself with an environment that is conducive to the fulfillment of your goals so you get more out of life. You will get access to tons of great content to get you started on your journey and to support it. The 2% club is included for free with all of our coaching programs or can be joined separately.

When you become a coach with the Pursuit Institute, you still have the autonomy of running your own business. How do we do this? First, you have the rights to all of our programs and we support you in your understanding and application of them. Next, we provide you with everything we have ever done that is successful…This means ads, webinars, masterclasses, etc. You get all of the assets (program details, ads, emails and training) to run each program. With our model, you get to focus more on being a coach and helping others than being a business owner stuck in the mechanics and trying to figure it all out. We will provide you with the sales training, content marketing and even a Virtual Assistant to help bring everything together!

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How to Develop Unshakeable Confidence to Transform Your Business And Your Life As a Network Marketer

April 24-25-26th at 7 PM (EST)

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Delynn Miller