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About Dave Miller

Dave has two decades worth of experience in owning, operating and investing in various brick and mortar and online start-up businesses. He has a passion for creation and helping other entrepreneurs get their start while finding gaps that need to be filled and served. He also spent 15-years in law enforcement, leaving that career at a time when he knew he wanted to serve in another way.

 As a business enthusiast, Dave has developed a unique skillset as part of his combined experience in business and being a former police officer. He thrives on helping other entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and build the business they always desired.

Dave lives and breathes the exact steps he teaches other coaches to develop online businesses himself. Dave now champions online digital safety for parents and youth. He has created multiple courses for parents to use to protect their children from the 5 million online predators that exist today.  

Dave truly believes that guidance can enable anyone to use their knowledge, skills and passions and build a thriving business in today’s market. “There are so many gaps in business today and we work to identify them to be sure ideas are transformed into a sustainable business and one that can have a positive impact on society."

Dave is married to his equally enthusiastic business partner and wife, Delynn.

He has two daughters both of which have shown their entrepreneurial spirits from a young age. Dave knows that it is so important to teach kids growing up in this day and age “how” to think and not just ”what” to think. 

As for Eddie, their beloved pup, he has yet to express any K9 business ideas!

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