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Mindset & Wellness

About Denise Gibbs

Denise Gibbs is a mindset and wellness coach with a golden heart! She has a very uplifting, motivating personality and will always offer positive support.

Her passion is to help empower others to feel confident and create a life on their terms through mindset work. Her journey began in the corporate jungle, where she overcame her own struggles working in a male dominated industry.

Her voice often faded in the crowd, it was challenging, filled with self-doubt and mounting stress. She felt ignored and her work life was this constant state of GO GO GO pushing herself harder and faster to try and prove that she could do as much or even more than her male co-workers but it didn’t matter how much she pushed and how fast she went, nothing changed! It got to the point that she didn’t feel worthy, her confidence dropped, she lost belief in herself.

Her health started to suffer, she was having panic attacks, her anxiety was through the roof and she felt lost, that her life had no purpose and it was slipping into this hole. She knew something had to change as she no longer aligned with that environment. She thought that she could figure this out on her own but then realized that she needed guidance and made the decision to hire her first coach, Delynn and that’s when Denise’s journey began.

When she dove into this work of studying & growing herself, raising her vibration and her level of awareness, everything started to change, her life, her spirits were transforming. She started to re-write her story and started to see the incredible differences that were shifting in her life. She always lives life from her heart and has always inspired others.

She decided to become a coach & collaborate with Pursuit Institute when she embraced her new life, felt empowered and is passionate to elevate others lives as she knows the impact this work can positively have for everyone’s life.

Wearing the hat of a certified Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor, Denise is a wellspring of inspiration, encouraging others to break free from self-limiting beliefs through the harmonious dance of movement and mindset work. She is a living, breathing testament to the magical transformation that resilience and self-belief can bring, lighting the way for others to discover joy and purpose in their live

Denise has been my mindset & wellness coach for the past 6 months. She has been extremely helpful in encouraging me to move forward with this work in my life. Always positive, very knowledgeable, and available whenever you need her. She is always smiling and has an amazing outlook on life. I would highly recommend Denise to anyone who is looking for a way to change the way they see life and move forward in a positive and productive way.

Juanita H

Many people want to improve their lives one way or another. Sometimes it’s work or business related, sometimes it’s with relationships and sometimes it’s just about wanting to be a better human. Regardless, we often think we can reach our goals by ourselves, but to be honest, I think we can all benefit with guidance from a coach. I feel lucky and blessed to have crossed paths with Denise Gibbs. With Denise’s coaching, I am gaining more self-awareness and mindfulness than I have ever felt before. She invests her time and presence with me and is helping me realize I really can do anything I set my mind to. 

Fiona J

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