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Jacinthe Monast

Soul Purpose , Holistic Mindset, Reiki

Meet Jacinthe (Ja-Saint), a highly valued coach at the Pursuit Institute. She used to work in nursing but felt a calling greater than herself to serve for the highest good. After resigning from her job and diving into her own inner work, she enrolled in the Pursuit Mastermind program.

This experience not only broadened her understanding of mindset but also heightened her self-awareness, both personally and in relation to her own business, Love Essential Life (because love is essential to life). It gave her the confidence to expand her potential and become a Soul Purpose and Mindset Coach. Jacinthe has a keen intuitive sense in her work.

As a Reiki practitioner, she uses energy work to assist clients in stress reduction and promotes healing by facilitating a harmonious energy flow. She believes in the beauty of life and the importance of returning to basics, being one with nature, and rediscovering joy, as we are inherently love and light. Committed to helping people grow and feel empowered to connect with their soul, Jacinthe is an inspiring member of the Pursuit Institute's team.

From the moment we first met online I felt your warm, kind loving energy. You are always sincere and your willingness to be open and vulnerable helps me and others in our group open up as well. Your laugh is infectious and always makes me smile. I always feel like you have such a positive connected energy. You have so much to offer others; I only know a small aspect of your life and have felt your impact, so I know that you will continue to grow and make a difference to those that you serve"!

Jennifer J.

I want to let you know that I appreciate your wisdom so much. I love your positivity. It makes me so happy. Some of the best people I know are Canadian!!! I love you, Jacinthe Monast. You have been an encourager for me…and Violet from the very beginning! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Kelly A.

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