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Mindset & Wellness

About Melanie Layman

She has been an elementary school teacher for over 10 years and she is focusing on welcoming and guiding the integration of refugees in her school. Her focus is to ensure their overall well-being in their new environment as well as guide their learning. She also incorporates mindset work in the way that she cares for, speaks to and guides her students.

Melanie has a deep understanding and passion for students’ and her colleague’s overall well-being. She has always been labeled as a “fixer” and always had an interest in helping others.

In August of 2021, she took a leap of faith and hired her first coach. She was looking for guidance and help with her own mental health, which was in great decline. At the time she felt lost, alone, overwhelmed, and hopeless. She desired to be a better version of herself, a better wife, mom, teacher, and friend.

Throughout her own growth and awareness journey, she learned to identify and replace limiting beliefs with faith, negative self-talk with affirmations, and self-sabotage with self-care & healthy habits.

She always had and continues to have a caring soul. Her own journey inspired her to become a Mindset & Wellness Coach with Pursuit Institute.

Her struggles and growth showed that there was a huge gap that needed to be filled. She is now on a mission to fill the gap in the mental health field by sharing the learnings and knowledge that has changed her life with others.

Melanie is determined to be the bridge between mental health struggles and sustainable healthy minds and lives. Throughout her own journey working with a coach, she decided to dive deeper into this work and became a coach. There is an amazing correlation between her experience of teaching others and now coaching them.

She loves camping, Christmas, playing cards, reading, cross stitching, DIYs, organizing, and all opportunities to be creative!

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