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Youth Empowerment 

About Michelle Robinson

Michelle has always had a passion for working with youth. She studied Child & Youth Care and began working in the group home setting. After switching careers paths and spending the last 8 years with the Ontario Provincial Police as Investigative Assistant she knew there was more to life than this 9-5.

She felt guilty for having a good paying job and a loving family while also wanting more out of life. As a people pleaser extraordinaire, A+ perfectionist and all time worrier, on the outside she seemed pretty put together, but her mind, and emotions were in disarray. Enter in hiring her first coach and taking the One Thought Away Program, she did so for extra accountability and someone who knew this work better than she did.

But she quickly learned that being immersed with like minded people who want to better themselves and their families was everything. It also was a breath of fresh air to hear others break down barriers around your typical 9-5 job and create something that better suited their families and lifestyle.

While on her self discovery journey, she reignited her passion for working with youth and became a youth empowerment coach. Guiding youth and young adults to find their true passions and releasing themselves from societal pressure. Guiding and empowering youth through mindset shifts and self-image enhancement. Breaking free of the limiting beliefs holding them back from uncovering their true potential.

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