Dave and Delynn Miller, the founders of Pursuit Institute Coaching and Consulting, know first-hand how challenging the mental impact of having a child diagnosed with a life-altering disease can be. At the age of two, their daughter, Isabella was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. While it is a completely manageable disease – with proper care taking – the diagnosis rocked them to their core. “In that very moment, we were afraid and scared for our baby girl.”
In the days that followed, while staying in the hospital, it became evident just was easy how our mindset can get away from us and how easy it was to focus on everything that was happening to us, versus, being grateful for all that we have. We know how difficult it is to see the light and that everything happens “for us” – especially when we are faced with trials and tribulations.
At this stage in our lives, we know first-hand the power of the mind, and for those who need strength and encouragement in such a dark time, we are here. Remember that our children feed off of our energy. They know what we are feeling. While it is perfectly normal to feel scared during difficult times, we can also begin to protect our mind and fill it with gratitude and healing. 
We want Pursuit to provide any family that is going through a life-changing diagnosis of a child with hope, light and the ability to take their mind where it needs to go in order to assist in their child’s journey as well as their own. Pursuit Gives Back provides these families with our signature program, One Thought Away, for free.  It is our gift to you, to help with your healing and to provide you with a supportive environment that will help guide you during your time of need. 

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