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6 Months to Spiritual Transformation & Ascension

Join Our Exclusive Transformation Program (Limited Availability)

Starts Sept 10, 2024 | 7:00- 9:00 PM EST


Your Journey to Spiritual Elevation

Spiritual guides Delynn Miller and Sandy Guarnotta invites you on a transformative program focused on reaching new spiritual heights.

This experience is designed to:

  • Unfold Your Spiritual Wings: Access tools and practices to expand your consciousness and tap into the boundless power within.

  • Break Free From Earthly Bonds: Heal past wounds and limiting beliefs that hold you back from soaring.

  • Find Your Celestial Tribe: Connect with a community of seekers dedicated to spiritual ascension.

Meet Your Guides

Delynn Miller - A maestro of spiritual evolution, Delynn harnesses ancient wisdom and contemporary practices to lead you towards unlocking profound potential within.

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Sandy Guarnotta - A psychic medium and healer, Sandy’s exceptional connection to the spiritual realm offers transformative insights, guiding you with clarity towards enlightenment.

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Why Do You Need This

  • Spiritual Ascension

  • Journey beyond the physical, expanding your consciousness to higher realms.

  • Deepened Self-Knowledge

  • Explore the depths of your soul, revealing the essence of your true self.

  • Emotional Alchemy

  • Transform emotional wounds into sources of strength and liberation.

  • Unified Support

  • Merge with a community walking the path of ascension, offering encouragement and understanding.

  • Living Your Truth

  • Fully embody your authentic self in every facet of existence.

  • Creating Waves of Change

  • Empower yourself to instigate meaningful impacts in your circle and beyond.

Who Should Attend?

Ideal for those who:

  • Crave a profound understanding of their spiritual purpose.

  • Seek a community of support and enlightenment on their ascension journey.

  • Commit to the inner work essential for real transformation.

  • Aim to live in complete alignment with their highest self.


    Ascension is the evolution process of awakening innate soul knowledge, which has been accumulated during each incarnation. As a soul assimilates this knowledge, it transcends into the higher vibrational energy, the energy source aligned with expanded consciousness.

    Program Outline

    Life Purpose, Soul Purpose Course

    Uncover your divine calling and step into a life of alignment with your highest self. These transformative lessons guide you towards a profound understanding of your purpose and your path to greater consciousness.

    Bi-weekly Enlightenment Calls

    Tap into the wisdom of Delynn and Sandy in these intimate live calls. Receive personalized guidance, insights, and energy transmissions to support your ascension journey.

    Tailored Growth Assignments

    Unlock your full potential with personalized assignments designed to catalyze your ascension process. Break through limitations, deepen your understanding, and integrate your spiritual experiences.

    Ascension Community Access

    Find your spiritual tribe! Connect with like-minded souls dedicated to growth and elevation. Share experiences, ask questions, and find ongoing inspiration and support within this vibrant community.

    2% Club Access

    Embody the mindset of abundance, expansion, and limitless possibility. Cultivate inner resources that empower you to manifest your dreams and live in alignment with your highest purpose.

    What Do Their Clients Say

    I cannot thank you enough for all you do. I thoroughly enjoy all I've learned and continue to learn form you. You have been an incredible blessing in my life. Always an amazing experience giving me just what I needed. There really are not words to show my gratitude towards you for what you give to myself and countless others. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.

    Robyn Paige

    What can I say about Delynn! She is one of the most positive person I have ever met! Her energy is infectious and I am always called to inspired action after my conversations with her. She knows how to ask you the right questions to get you leaving with clarity and feeling good! I'd be extremely grateful to have her lead me or be on my team.

    Andre L

    Sandy is an amazing healer, teacher and guide. She offers Divine information that continually assists me on my path. Sandy is genuine, humble and truly gifted. I am so grateful that she shares this gift with so many of us. I can see the impact that she makes in my life and in the lives of many others. She is a clear channel and directly connected to the Divine.

    Martin T. - Digital Marketer

    Step beyond the ordinary into a journey of ascension.

    Join our community, elevate your existence, and embrace your highest self. Rise with us—your path to transformation begins here.


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