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Who We Are

Overcoming Limitations, Achieving Greatness

At Pursuit Institute, we’re passionate about transforming lives and businesses through life and mindset coaching.

We believe that the key to achieving success and fulfillment lies in overcoming self-imposed limitations and unlocking your potential. Our programs are designed to challenge you, inspire you, and drive you towards your personal and professional goals. We have the expertise, the tools, community, coaches and the commitment to guide you on this transformative journey.


Cultivate leadership skills, hone your identities, grow more compassionate and adapt the beauty of giving and receiving feedback in order for you to take a more holistic approach to your development.

With our exceptional coaches teaching an array of our programs, you will not only enable yourself to raise your confidence and problem-solving abilities but also expand your network and open up doors to new opportunities.

Whether it is an honest self-appraisal, valuable guidance or personal and professional growth, our coaches are here to help you advance your career and growth, exceptionally!


At Pursuit Institute Coaching and Consulting, there’s something for everyone. When you decide to break the cycle of your limiting self-belief, we’ll be there to help you out. When you decide to build a mindset that aligns with the life you desire and deserve, we’ll be there to make that happen! When you want to be more and have more with ease and flow, we’ll be there to take you from your current situation and help you reach your higher potential.

So, at Pursuit Institute Coaching and Consulting, we are going to show you exactly how to take all of your passions and turn them into a profit making machine, so you can live a life full of abundance, not just literally but also figuratively.

Pursuit Institute has a range of courses best suited to address each of your areas of concern.

At Pursuit Institute Coaching and Consulting, we don’t just make you want to work towards a better life, we help you become passionate enough to PURSUE it.

Whether you want to turn your passions into profits, or generally seek more out of life, your mindset must be prepared to believe in your abilities. Correct?

  • Do you want more and refuse to settle for the norm?

  • Pursuit is going to teach you how to take all of your ideas, get you on point and live an abundant life where you harness all of your goals and dreams once and for all.

  • Are you having difficulty finding your purpose?

  •  Power of Purpose can help you navigate through that.

  • Is your mindset stopping you from tapping into your highest potential?

  • Keep an eye out for all our Master Your Mindset workshops and seminars.

Meet the Founder



Delynn Miller, a trained Health and Mindset Coach, has nearly a decade’s worth of experience in direct coaching and healing.

Having co-founded Pursuit Institute with her husband Dave Miller, the power couple also has two wonderful daughters and a handsome dog; Eddie.

As the harbinger of living a successful and a purpose-driven life, Delynn primarily focuses on helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and all who are willing to identify and shift their mindset blocks.

Delynn’s 180° life transformation over the last decade resulted in her building a high-energy, high-performance, and highly organized personality that has helped her to refuse settling for the norm and instead work towards what truly serves her life’s purpose.

A Bob Proctor protégé, Delynn honed in on her holistic education and own experiences to develop the 2% Club: a place where people can learn, grow, share, and connect with like-minded people! This culminated into her living her passion to assist people on their journey to help them seek and achieve more out of life.

Delynn replaced her six-figure salary for a five-star life (and a bigger salary), went from frazzled to fierce, confused to confident, stressed-out too sure of herself.



Dave has two decades worth of experience in owning, operating and investing in various brick and mortar and online start-up businesses. He has a passion for creation and helping other entrepreneurs get their start.

Dave manifested and pursued a 14 year career in policing in 2008. During his career Dave worked in the court system, was a coach and training officer, a member of his services tactical team and worked in street crimes and human trafficking.

As a business enthusiast, Dave has developed a unique skillset as part of his combined experience in business and policing. 

Thrives on helping other entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and build the business they always desired. He truly believes that guidance can enable anyone to use their knowledge, skills and passions and build a thriving business in today’s market. “There are so many gaps in business today and we work to identify them to be sure ideas are transformed into a sustainable business.”

Dave is married to his equally enthusiastic business partner and wife, Delynn. He has two daughters both of which have shown their entrepreneurial spirits from a young age. Dave believes it is so important to teach kids growing up in this day and age “how” to think and not just “”what” to think. As for Eddie, their beloved pup, he has yet to express any K9 business ideas!

If you think it’s time for you to harness all of your goals, turn all your dreams into reality, get on point and live an abundant life, Pursuit Institute is the place for you.


Our clients achieve their goals through systematic study and accountability. Meet our coaching team ready to support your quantum leap in income, lifestyle and results!

The life you want is closer than you think.

We’re ready to help you leverage your mindset so you can produce extraordinary results. Book in now to learn more!


Free Masterclass


Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Negative Patterns: Gain the tools and knowledge to break free from self-imposed limitations and negative thinking patterns, empowering you to create a more positive and empowering mindset.

Transform Core Areas of Life: Learn how to master your mind in the key areas of health, wealth, and relationships, enabling you to make significant improvements in these crucial aspects of your life.

Acquire Abundance through Mindset Shifts: Discover how small shifts in your mindset can lead to remarkable abundance and success, opening the doors to new opportunities and a more fulfilling life.

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