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The only missing piece of the puzzle between your dreams and your reality is the “pursuit” of that dream. At Pursuit Institute Coaching and Consulting, you learn how to eliminate the “could be-s” from your narrative and crystallize your dreams into your reality.

When you aim to reach for what you want, it immediately alters the odds!

So, if you are in pursuit of your life’s purpose but don’t know what it is yet, Pursuit Institute is waiting for you.

Discover Our Life-Changing Coaching Programs

Tailor-made online courses that cater to your unique needs.​

Exclusive communities for shared learning and growth.​

Certified coaches dedicated to your success.

Beginner’s Journey

A FREE 35-minute course that gives you the essential tools to start shifting your mindset in three core areas: Health, Wealth, or Relationships. It provides insights into how the conscious and subconscious mind work together, making you aware of the abundant possibilities that small mindset shifts can offer.

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Discover your life’s ‘WHY’ in this transformative program.

When you desire to change the results in your life, you must change the way you think about things! It begins by understanding how mind works.

Step into the exclusive club of the 2% of society who are actively pursuing their dreams and desires. Join our supportive community where you’ll gain access to valuable content, accountability, and the necessary environment for personal growth. The 2% club comes free with any of our high ticket programs.

Life-Transforming Programs

Our signature program, ideal for beginners or those already familiar with paradigm shifting. This 12-lesson course, rooted in Universal Law, is a game changer in the mindset and coaching industry, delivering sustainable results.

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For those who believe in the power of community, this elite program encourages the sharing of experiences and insights to attain great success. This program is open exclusively to graduates of our ‘One Thought Away’ program.

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Coaching Certification

For many, the logical next step after graduating from ‘One Thought Away’ is becoming a Pursuit Institute Certified Coach.

We not only teach people HOW to coach but also provide an entire business development playbook for them to follow.

Our package includes 6 weeks of sales coaching/training, 3 months of marketing content creation, and 30 hours of Virtual Assistant support.

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Find Out Which Program is Right for You

Free Masterclass


Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Negative Patterns: Gain the tools and knowledge to break free from self-imposed limitations and negative thinking patterns, empowering you to create a more positive and empowering mindset.

Transform Core Areas of Life: Learn how to master your mind in the key areas of health, wealth, and relationships, enabling you to make significant improvements in these crucial aspects of your life.

Acquire Abundance through Mindset Shifts: Discover how small shifts in your mindset can lead to remarkable abundance and success, opening the doors to new opportunities and a more fulfilling life.

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